PBS SoCal Ft. Challah Hub

Watch Sarah from Challah Hub braid 3 strand, 4 strand and round challah, right here at Crafted Kitchen. We love having you (and PBS SoCal) in the house! 

From PBS:

"When the Great British Baking Show requested the contestants create plaited (read: braided) breads using three different kinds of flours, we (non-bakers) didn’t understand. “How hard could it be?” we wondered—or at least the person writing this post did.

So we sought out an expert to teach us the rules of the braided bread road!

Sarah Klegman, co-founder of Challah Hub, an LA-based challah bread company, met up with us at Crafted Kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles, to give us a quick primer in braided breads!"
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Food Photography Workshop

Crafted Kitchen's Food Photography Workshop was a success! Guests took part in a hands-on learning and dining experience, to learn and practice food photography and food styling. 

Award-Winning Fine Art Photographer Jessica Rieke from J. Lee Photos explained simple techniques for preparing, presenting and photographing food.

Crafted Kitchen members provided a variety of savory and sweet snacks for participants to choose from and practice with. Thank you to the generous vendors: Chef Michelle & Company, Sconely, Mithaier, Suzy's Salsas, Idyll Foods, Chef Shelly's Catering and cold beer by Indie Brewing Company

Crafted Kitchen Los Angeles
Crafted Kitchen Arts District Downtown

Chicken & Biscuits: The Zero Waste Way

Following the success of "Fin to Fin: A Zero Waste Cooking Workshop” Crafted Kitchen presents “Chicken & Biscuits: The Zero Waste Way” the second half of our sustainable cooking series.

Join us! You’ll learn a few tips on for reducing waste in the kitchen, taste some delicious dishes and enjoy a cold beer, courtesy of our partners, Indie Brew Co.

Talented zero waste chef, Michelle Lainez, will demonstrate the simple steps used to break down a whole chicken and offer suggestions for using every part. Using homemade ingredients, Chef Michelle will then prepare fried chicken and biscuits for us all to try. 

Event details:
Tuesday June 27th
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Tickets: $12.00 include food and beer


Crafting A Community - LA Downtowner

"Starting a small food business can feel like a huge hurdle – so many unknowns, and so much to learn before settling into a rhythm of success — if you’re lucky. These days many of these self-starters don’t start off at your typical brick and mortar, instead you’ll see them pop up at events like Smorgasburg, or you’ll find them hosting private dinner parties. It’s a way of accessing the public’s palate without going all in on the risky and pricey process of opening up a storefront.

“I knew in my heart to be successful you need access, you need community and you need business support. I built the facility that I felt I really needed in order to be successful,” says Cindi Thompson, the creator and owner behind Crafted Kitchen in the Arts District. Cindi’s own roadblocks as she transitioned from a long career in financial services to pursue the culinary world helped her lay the groundwork for what is now Crafted Kitchen. All the access and support she lacked during the transition as a small business owner, allowed her to spot a hole in the marketplace.

Crafted Kitchen gives small food businesses the space to flex their creative muscle and knead out the kinks of production with access to a full service commercial kitchen inside a repurposed 96-year-old warehouse. Here you can choose from a variety of workspaces from a crisp, camera-ready test kitchen to a shared kitchen where up to eight concurrent operators can work simultaneously or you can pick a private kitchen perfect for wholesale businesses...."

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Fin to Fin: A Zero Waste Cooking Workshop

Join us at Crafted Kitchen on May 30th for 'Fin to Fin', a zero waste cooking workshop. In simple and easy steps, Chef Michelle Lainez will teach you how to prepare a creative, delicious and balanced meal without throwing anything away. She’ll show you how to fillet a whole salmon. using a variety of techniques and give you tips for using the entire fish. She will also demonstrate zero waste side dishes including sautéed beet greens and carrot top pesto.

Zero waste cooking takes lesser-used parts of produce and proteins and turns them into the stars of a recipe.

Join us for a cooking demo, tasters and wine.

Tickets required: $5.00 (includes a glass of wine and tasters)

Crafted Kitchen Opens Doors in Arts District

LA Downtown News
by Eddie Kim

The biggest obstacle for budding chefs, restaurateurs and small food business owners is trying to find space to produce their goods without breaking the budget with high rents.

Sometimes a chef wants to test out a menu for a future restaurant. Other times it’s someone who wants to scale up out of a home business, but isn’t ready for a brick-and-mortar shop.

The Arts District’s new shared kitchen facility Crafted Kitchen aims to provide an in-between, with a variety of spaces available to rent for various lengths of time...

“We are small food business advocates,” Crafted Kitchen owner Cindi Thompson said in a prepared statement. “With Crafted Kitchen we’re creating something greater than simply a place for food production. We’re using this platform to champion the potential of our local culinary entrepreneurs, and we’re doing it together.”  

A few early tenants at Crafted Kitchen include Pasadena’s popular Mama Musubi, luxe catering service Taste of Pace, and rising chef Ted Montoya’s Calo Provisions.

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