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A Community of Culinary Entrepreneurs

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Outside of a shared love of food and a hunger for success, when it comes to running their businesses, our members have various approaches. It’s the collection of unique backgrounds and businesses that make our collaborative space so full of life. Here, community isn’t just a buzzword — it’s something you feel when you walk through the door. Hear a few of our members discuss their experience at Crafted Kitchen and how the community helps them succeed.


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In the small food business world, success is an art in itself. Seeing the need for quality commercial kitchen space, Cindi Thompson created Crafted Kitchen to support culinary entrepreneurs and their business goals.

Now, the visionary behind Crafted Kitchen is sitting down with the inspiring individuals who have been members of the Crafted Kitchen community and have used the space to achieve their culinary aspirations. From personal stories and practical advice, to food for thought and secret ingredients to success, every episode is sure to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. Prepare for Greatness™ with this food-forward podcast.

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