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Crafted Kitchen helps you think beyond the food

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What makes our approach different?

Making great food is just the first step of running a successful food business. You need state-of-the-art equipment, prep space, and Crafted Kitchen goes a step further providing the resources, guidance and tools.

With Crafted Kitchen, you’re not going it alone.

Mentoring & Coaching

Stay on track with Crafted Kitchen experts. We love sharing our industry knowledge with you.

Regulatory Support

Regulatory compliance isn’t fun, but it’s essential. With our support, we’ll get you legit up and running.

Training & Workshops

Make a plan specific to your situation by applying real-life variables and creating tangible, measurable goals.

Procurement services & discounts

Use our procurement channels to source the quality ingredients you need, often at a reduced price.

Shipping, receiving & stocking

Rest assured all your shipments can be delivered and safely stored here.

Pre-screened service providers

Find the people you need by accessing our roster of approved and screened service providers.

Networking events

You never know who you might meet or how they might help. Our networking events keep you plugged into our local community.

24/7 access with secured entry

Your business doesn’t run on anyone else’s time. Enjoy secure, anytime access to the facility.

Hear how Crafted Kitchen is a game-changer