3 Mistakes in Choosing a Business Name

mistakes to avoid

Do you think the naming of your business is just a “formality”? Think again.

In choosing a business name, if you want to attract customers, it’s a mistake to think you can just name it whatever if you want in the hope that you’ll attract customers. Your business name is a marketing opportunity. It’s an opportunity to better understand your target audience. It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition. 

Don’t Name the business for yourself instead of your customers.

We want to put our name on something, and it’s a mistake. Your business is not about you. Your business name has to mean something to your target audience. It needs to help your target audience understand what you do and that you’re exactly what they need.

In choosing your business name, don’t limit yourself by using what you make as part of your business name. 

To illustrate, let’s say you bake cakes, and your business name is “Cakes by Susan”, you’re limiting yourself to cakes. Your preferences will develop over time. Allow yourself that flexibility.

Don’t name  your business something cute, clever, or creative. 

A confused mind will always say “no” and walk away. You want your customers to be very clear on what you do and likewise, be able to pronounce your name. In fact, everything about your business needs to be easy for the average person to understand. 

Another key point, base your business name on your niche. In the final analysis, your niche is the problem you’re solving for your target audience; also, it’s why you do what you do. In other words, restricting yourself is not a niche. 

To summarize, choosing a business name takes time not to mention, forethought. Here’s a great book to help you!

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