Crafting A Community - LA Downtowner

"Starting a small food business can feel like a huge hurdle – so many unknowns, and so much to learn before settling into a rhythm of success — if you’re lucky. These days many of these self-starters don’t start off at your typical brick and mortar, instead you’ll see them pop up at events like Smorgasburg, or you’ll find them hosting private dinner parties. It’s a way of accessing the public’s palate without going all in on the risky and pricey process of opening up a storefront.

“I knew in my heart to be successful you need access, you need community and you need business support. I built the facility that I felt I really needed in order to be successful,” says Cindi Thompson, the creator and owner behind Crafted Kitchen in the Arts District. Cindi’s own roadblocks as she transitioned from a long career in financial services to pursue the culinary world helped her lay the groundwork for what is now Crafted Kitchen. All the access and support she lacked during the transition as a small business owner, allowed her to spot a hole in the marketplace.

Crafted Kitchen gives small food businesses the space to flex their creative muscle and knead out the kinks of production with access to a full service commercial kitchen inside a repurposed 96-year-old warehouse. Here you can choose from a variety of workspaces from a crisp, camera-ready test kitchen to a shared kitchen where up to eight concurrent operators can work simultaneously or you can pick a private kitchen perfect for wholesale businesses...."

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