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boost your online sales by 10% in 1 hour


Fact: 72.8% of online shopping carts are abandoned

Disheartening, right? Here’s the opportunity: what if you could decrease abandoned carts and boost online sales to verified buyers? First things first, celebrate! 

Idea: When you get your product online, optimizing and setting up the various moving parts is critical. Using back-end systems to incentivize shoppers and drive purchases to completion is essential to boost online sales.

Why do shoppers abandon carts in the first place? How can you reduce that percentage and how do you establish an email sequence that automates the cart recovery process? How many emails should you send and at what time of day? What do you include in your copy? So much to consider, let’s delve into it.


There are some tweaks to make to your website that might make it less likely that a cart will be entirely abandoned. 

Why are they abandoned? The number 1 reason is distraction (e.g., need their wallet, they’re hunger, knock on the door). These reasons make sense. They were close to completing the purchase, so an abandoned cart sequence (a series of automated follow-up reminders) is a perfect way to get the sale. You’re re-engaging. 

Good news! Here are some stats  (besides distraction) on why carts are abandoned: 

  • 55% of shoppers will abandon their cart if they get to the checkout and find hidden costs.
  • 27% will leave the checkout process if it’s too complicated or arduous to complete.
  • 35% will leave if your site isn’t secure.

What this says is that user experience matters. Here are some suggestions for boosting online sales and decreasing abandoned carts:

  • Avoid hidden costs. Be transparent with all pricing. Shipping, relief funds, tips, and other fees tacked on at check-out. Don’t wait for the check-out. That’s when shoppers feel frustrated.
  • Too complicated.  Making shoppers create an account or asking for potentially confidential information can overly complicate the process. Similarly, if you ask for feedback and present a lengthy questionnaire, shoppers are likely to navigate away from the page.
  • 35% won’t purchase on a site that isn’t secure. Make sure your site has the padlock icon.

Side Note: If you want to see where people are dropping off, use a traffic monitoring platform like Hotjar. The free version will do the job.

Set up an email sequence to automate cart recovery.

Interesting facts:

  • 48% of abandoned cart emails are opened. 
  • Automation: what works for one business may not work in others. Look at your own data and tweak on that.
  • How many emails do you send? Keep it simple. Three email automations spread out over 5 days. 
  • Remember, the goal here is to increase online sales!
  • Email #1 is sent out one hour after cart is abandoned. The cart is still top of mind. When you send it too quickly, you look overeager.
    • Subject line: You left something behind. 
    • Text: “You left something behind”, and then include a link to return to their cart. STICK TO THE POINT. In the end, the main goal is to get them to buy. Don’t distract them by offering other products or services.
  • Email #2 goes out 24 hours later. On the back end, when customers buys after email # 1, they won’t continue down the automation.
    • If they didn’t open email #1, resend that one before sending email #2. They didn’t make a purchase? Use a different path, and see what happens.
    • In email #2, craft your tone appeal to emotional aspects. Highlight what they’re missing out on if they don’t complete the process and describe the problem your product solves.  Your email won’t be effective unless you know your why people love and use your product. To illustrate, if their kid has a peanut allergy. Your product is peanut free. Emphasize the reassurance of safety. After all, they want normalcy for their kids. Less arguing at lunch time. Less drama. Let’s work on boosting online sales.
      • Text: “Hey mom. I get it. figuring out lunch is hard. Especially when your kid has a nut allergy and begs for a peanut butter sandwich. Let’s make your kid’s dream come true and put a smile on their face. Complete your purchase now. 
  • Email #3 Send out 3-5 days later for one final opportunity to engage. This is your last chance to make a sale before potential shoppers lose interest and navigate away. Regardless, make sure to add them to your email list. After all, they’ve already shown interest. When they learn more about how awesome your brand is, they may turn into a verified purchaser
    • Another key point: did you originally offer a discount? If so, then set up a deadline on the discount. Remind them that they have however many hours to use the discount. If you haven’t offered a coupon yet, consider it now. Alternatively, you can offer free 2-day shipping or an enticing “buy one/get one” offer.

Get it done: Schedule one hour in the next week. Set it up and above all, get it done.

As soon as you do, DM me. I’ll hold you accountable. 

30-30-30: Draft the emails in a word document. To start, turn off notifications, email, etc. Pump out all 3 in under 30 minutes. 30 minutes to write the emails, 30 to set up the automations.

And just like that, in 30 days and wonder why it took you so long to implement systems to boost online sales.

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