Meet the next big superfood: Dragon Fruit

Imagine having a balanced and healthy meal that is extremely nutritious, vibrant, delicious, naturally bright pink, and you can serve it in its own shell!'s hard right?

Crafted Kitchen members Candace and Patricia founded Pink Matter Juice Bar earlier this year to celebrate an unfamiliar super food - Dragon fruit. A fruit packed with nutrients and vitamins enjoyed across Central America, South America and South East Asia. Apparently even more beneficial (and maybe even tastier), than the Acai berry. 

Their colorful menu includes a Pitaya bowl served in an actual dragon fruit shell topped with fresh berries and granola, healthy avocado toasts and fresh detox waters. 


Pink Matter Juice Bar is currently running a Kickstarter campaign until December 10th to raise $30K to fund opening a brick and mortar shop. Help them reach their target and get a first taste of the new trend.

Crafted Kitchen members come from a variety of professional backgrounds, but we all now find ourselves under one roof following our dreams and connecting with others through food. 

Meet Candace Chen, Founder of Pink Matter Juice Bar

What were you doing before you started Pink Matter Juice Bar?
I was a operations manager at PepsiCo before I decided to pursue my dreams.

What is one item you wish you could take off the menu but can't?
I wish we could take out our "Cloud Egg Avocado Toast" off the menu because it's a very long process to make the cloud egg. I can't take it off the menu because people love it, it's extremely delicious, and its very unique!

What do you know now you wish you knew when you first started?
I wish I knew how challenging starting a food service business could be, but doing what I love makes it all worth it in the end of the day.

Finally, where can we find your delicious products?
People can find us at Melrose Place Farmers Market, Demitasse West Hollywood, Online, and soon Amazon!