LA's Healthy Food Warriors

Jocelyn Ramirez was on a mission to bring healthy and affordable food to the East LA community. She has gone above and beyond with her catering company Todo Verde and has dedicated her business to advancing food equity in the undeserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Todo Verde's playful menu combines traditional Mexican and Ecuadorian-infused flavors, making their plant-based menu very easy to love.

Jocelyn has been a force within local policy and food advocacy partnering with organization like L.A. Kitchen, LA Compost and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council,  Peace Over Violence and many more. 

Her newest project Across Our Kitchen Tables cultivates social spaces for Women of Color (WOC) in culinary fields that provide collective knowledge on business development and food systems within business models centered on principles of social and cultural responsibility. 

Jocelyn and her team of powerful women are an inspiration and an essential part of the Crafted Kitchen community.


Jocelyn, When did you start Todo Verde?
August 2015

What were you doing before you started?
Working in higher education and teaching university students

What is one item you wish you could take off your menu, but can't?
Our chiles rellenos are such a process to make, but people really love them

What is something you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?
Prepare for the feast and famine cycles of business

Where can we taste your food?
Bottles: Urban Radish, Zinc, Found Coffee.
Weekly: Smorgasburg
Catering: Todoverde/catering